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     Hi. This is my Gangs page. It talks about gangs and the concequences of gangs. This is not to "hate" on people or to disrespect people who have a different opinion from mine. This is just from my point of view.

Well the kind of gangs that I'm going to be talking about are well known and have taken the Latin Society by hand! Those gangs are Northside, known as "Nortenos," and Southside, known as "Surenos." These two gangs are enemies, in other words, they both hate each other! Back in days, there use to be gangs, but they where way diferrent than the gangs of now. Before, the gangs in back in the days, they were just a bunch of friends that use to kick it and have fun. Yeah, they use to cause some disturbance to there nieghberhood, but not as much as the gangs of today. Back then, there was no such thing as gang colores. Know, the gangs of today go by the color they represent and streets that supposibly is there "Territory." Northside, the color Red or Southside, the color Blue. Northside, known as "X4,XIV,22B, and XXIV." As you see, these don't just stand for letters, they stand for streets that Nortenos hang out. The numbers they use are Roman Numerals like, "XIV and X4," both standing for 14th St. "22B," standing for 22nd and Bryant. "XXIV" standing for 24th St. But they just don't go by streets, they also have little clicks that have names, like LNS, SFM and SBL. These are three of the many clicks that claim the color red, Nortenos.

     Surenos have the same kind of method, they also go by streets and little clicks like "MS," standing for Mara Salvatrucha. Surenos streets go by, "X3,XIII,XIX,X9, and XI." They also go by Roman Numerals like, "X3 and XIII," both standing for 13th St. "X9 and XIX," both standing 19th St. "XI," standing for 11th St. These are some of places Surenos like to go kick it at.

     There has been a lot of innocent people out there who has gotten hurt cause they got mistaken for someone else. All gangs do is go looking for trouble and when they find it, at least one person ends up in the hospital or dead! There's a lot violence and death between gangs. They go drive bye shooting, and who ever was at the wrong place at the wrong time, might get a bullet! I just think that's wrong for those people that didn't do anything, ending up hurt in the hospital in critical condittion.

     Me personally, I don't like gangs! I think gangs are for ignorant people. Because of gangs, they have givin us Latinos a bad reputation. People think that only cause your a Latino that your in a gang or that you cause trouble. But the thing that I don't like, is that a lot of people see us like Dirt! That only cause were Latinos that were not going succeed in the future. That were going to be at the bottom of the list, while those on top of us step all over us. Like if we were at the end of the line and everyone in front of us gets all the goody good stuff, while we only get the left overs. That's what gets on my nurves. That is why I don't like gangs. But that's not the only reason why, it's also cause a lot of people are not safe out there, including me! We have to be careful, cause if some gangsters don't like you or mistake you for someone else, you might get shot, stabbed, jumped, mugged or even worst, you might end up six feet under ground, wich meens your dead! That's why we should all unite to fight together! Stop all this violence! Stop hating on each other! We all got one life to live and it's very short, lets all just have fun while were alive! Don't let go of your dreams only cause of what someone said or cause what people think of you. Stand up for your self and prove them wrong! Just like the first big picture in my main page, Raza Unida! Thanks!


On this page, we may include pictures of our members or of the work we do.

Gang graffito, the singular of graffiti, is often the first indication that gang activity is present in your community. It is the newspaper, the billboard, the Internet of the world of gangs and serves to mark the gang's power and status. It marks territorial boundaries and serves, as a warning to other gangs that the area marked with unique signs and symbols is the territory or "turf" of a particular gang. Graffiti warns intruders or trespassers from rival gangs and even policemen, that they are not welcome. It may also be an advertisement for the sale of drugs or a memorial to a fallen fellow gang member.


Graffiti should not be tolerated in ANY community. It frequently, if left in tact, leads to the degradation of a neighborhood and the devaluation of property. Studies have shown in many cases that if graffiti is left unchecked and not removed, more and more graffiti will appear. The removal of graffiti is extremely costly and some cities, that have developed graffiti removal programs, have spent huge sums of money to reclaim and beautify the neighborhood or community.

Most municipalities have codes or laws that deal with the defacing of property. Many have seen the need to pass laws that deal directly with graffiti perpetrators and many of these laws have severe penalties to deal with violators who are convicted. You can learn about some of these laws and ordinances by clicking here.


NOTE: Not all graffiti is gang related. Individuals known as "taggers" paint graffiti on buildings, fences, signs, highways, overpasses, and even trucks and railway cars. Many of these individuals enjoy a reputation for creativity and will frequently sign their "tagger" name.

It is none the less important to immediately remove this type of graffiti. IT IS STILL VANDALISM!!!

The links below are intended to familiarize you with the "graffiti culture," as well as examples of the many signs and symbols used in gang graffiti, and established anti-graffiti programs.

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